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        My Family has been Christians for generations on both sides. So it is not unusual that I also would choose to believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible. Still, I am glad we live in a nation where we have the right to choose for ourselves what we will believe!

        I try to stay non-denominational on the inter-net, it does not matter what name is above the door on the church a person chooses to attend. It does matter whether what they choose to believe is the truth, or not.

        Most of you who choose to read this will already be Christians, if you are not and wish to ask questions, you can always write me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

        I wonder how many of you who are Christians, are following the teachings we have been given in the Bible. I am not going to speak on a lot of what I have seen taking place in the churches, to do so I would have to turn this into a book, but on one important matter. No matter where I have gone in this nation, I have found most of the churches either turning their backs on the folks we were sent to help, or even telling them not to return to their church!

        It does not matter what a person's beliefs are, what life-style they have chosen to live or whether they are rich or poor, their need for Jesus Christ is the same. It is folks such as these that we see Jesus reaching out to all of the time during his ministry on Earth. Any church which turns her back on folks for any reason is not following the teachings given to us in the New Testament!

        Many folks believe we are close to the Tribulation spoken of in the Bible, if that is true, than no church can afford not to be reaching out to every person in their area, as well as spreading the truth on the inter-net, radio, T.V. and newspapers.

        And even if the end of the present age is a long way off, should not every Christian be doing everything they can to each out to their brothers and sisters? As well as to the lost? We have been expecting the government to take care of those we say are part of our family in Christ. It is just an easy way to try and push off on another, what we know we should be doing!

        No matter where you go, the poor are at best ignored by the folks in their church who have more than they need, this would not have taken place until recently when we began to expect the government to take care of everything the church always did in the past.

        In recent times, it has become so that the LGBT community no longer has to hide the truth. It is not as if they weren't always here, only now they can stand up and admit the truth. There is no doubt that there are many in this community who live lives we would all disagree with, but the same can be said of the heterosexual community, those folks we call "normal", what ever that may be. What many Christians refuse to accept is that there are many Christians among the LGBT community and more often than not they are told to leave their church if anyone should happen to find out. This is not the case in all churches, but it is in the majority!

        While many would claim that these folks are living in sin, is that not all the more reason to be reaching out to them instead of chasing them away? This is not something that I speak out on but do nothing. I have an inter-net ministry which reaches out to the LGBT community, especially to the Christian LGBT's who no longer have a church to attend.