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          Welcome to the Snow Queen's Christian Writings, some of these go back to the late 1980's, some are fairly new, but they are all my own. I hope you find somthing you like. I will also put some of my writings here that while not speaking directely on Christian thoughts are close enough to fit in, things such as our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

          Until He Comes

          Sitting by my Father's side, he waits for me, he waits for that beautiful day when my Father says: “Now my Son, go and bring my children home, go and meet your Bride.” Someday soon we will hear that trumpet sound and rise to meet our Lord. I know not when my Lord will return for me, only he and my Father know. Until he comes, we must continue on, he has given each of us work to do that cannot wait. Will you stand before the world and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ? Will you radiate the love and compassion of his Holy Spirit like the sun on a hot summer day for all of the world to see?

          My Lord's Holy Spirit lives within me, he opens my eyes to truths that cannot be seen with mortal eyes. He opens my ears to his voice, a voice that cannot be heard with ears of flesh. The day is coming soon, all heaven and Earth prepare for it. Mansion after mansion is being built for his Bride's arrival, and a feast such as has never been seen before. The excitement in heaven grows stronger each day and on Earth the saints sense his coming return grows near

          My Lord Speaks

          Again my Lord speaks to me through one of his sons. He has heard my cry and reached down from his heavenly throne with his love and peace. He is my Father, and I am his daughter forever. He has sent his Holy Spirit to comfort me in these times of hardship. My Father in heaven has looked down on his daughter and granted my request, he has looked upon me with a smile and said: “Soon my daughter soon, wait and see what I have in store for you.”

          Thank-you Father, I will wait if I must. I accept these words from your faithful servant, but I have been waiting for so long, searching for your perfect will in my life. Each day the fight goes on in my life, who will win today my Lord? Will I be successful against our enemy or will he find another hole in my armor? I grow so weak and weary, oh Father take my hand and lead me on. I am a wounded soldier and I need your healing touch in all of the areas of my life! Thank-you for these special things you are seding to me, and for the work you have chosen for your daughter to fulfill.

          A Light Unto My Feet

          It is you my Lord from which this call has come, and from you my guidance must also come. I need you to be a light unto my feet, show me the path which you have chosen for me before I was born, reveal unto me your perfect will. I have wandered in the darkness for too long, fill me with your light my Lord, for you have chosen me to show others your holy way, to lead them along your narrow path. If I wander away, what use will I be to anyone else? My Lord, I must stand true to you, fill me with your Holy Spirit until I overflow with rivers of living water. Let it flow until that great day comes when you take me home to be with you.

          Until He Comes